Tereza Dickson

Espoo municipal election candidate 2021


We need to serve everyone in Espoo fairly, equally and effectively. Services and opportunities have to be available and attainable.


We need to take care of each other and safeguard the well-being of the people of Espoo in terms of culture, education, health and livelihood.

Sustainable Development

We must take sustainable development into account in all decision-making processes while ensuring good living opportunities for present and future generations.


We must base our decision-making on equal opportunities for participation and a broad consensus in a free debate.

About me

I work for the City of Espoo in the sustainable development department as a coordinator. My values include listening to, understanding and respecting people. I always put the needs of other people first, and I am open and service-minded by nature.


I love the outdoors, the company of other people, and I am thirsty for knowledge. I dare to be brave and influential. I believe in a good, fair and sustainable future.

I am the mother of a six-year-old child, a wife of a Scottish man, the child of a Finnish father and a Russian mother. I am the youngest of the siblings. I live in Siikajärvi, close to nature, and my hobbies include outdoor activities, reading, board games and snowboarding in winter.